Hurry Call and Bus Priority

Traffic Signal Controller

Hurry Call and Bus Priority

A hurry call is an occurrence which forces the traffic signal controller to the demanded stage as quickly as possible, essentially it ‘hurries’ the controller along. Whilst the next stage is reached as quickly as possible, a hurry call does not allow the violations of intergreen periods as these are integral to the safety of a traffic signal installation.

The most common application for hurry calls is at fire stations. In this situation a button in a fire station adjacent to a junction will force the controller to green on the approach from the fire station, and any other appropriate approaches (such as the main road on a nearby junction), and with all other approaches at red ensures the fire appliance can progress through the junction as quickly as possible.

Hurry calls can also be used in connection with queue detectors where a certain level of queuing will force a clearance stage to reduce the queues on a specific approach. This is often implemented on signal controlled roundabouts to prevent long queues on the circulatory carriageway locking up the roundabout.

Bus Priority

Priority can be given to buses to ensure that they stick to the timetable and to encourage more people to use public transport instead of the private car. The bus will be detected, either by a tuned loop, a tag recognisable to the controller or by a GPS system. The controller will either extend the current green or change to the relevant stage to give the bus progression through the junction. This works in a similar way to hurry calls and cannot violate any minimum green or intergreen timings.

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